Glendale Dentist Shows 4 Advances in Braces Technology

In years gone by, a child would have considered having to wear braces as some cruel form of punishment. Most kids who have to use these devices end up being teased mercilessly by their peers and called names such as ‘brace face’ or ‘train tracks.’ However, with a few new advances that have been made regarding this form of orthodontic technology, wearing braces for any length of time need not be a source of embarrassment any longer.

Less Adjustment Required

People who wore metal braces a few decades ago would normally have to be willing to undergo various adjustments to these unsightly devices every four to five weeks. This resulted in quite a bit of discomfort as well as a lot of inconvenience, as numerous orthodontic appointments would have had to be scheduled in order to accommodate this. However, these days, patients who still opt for the metal braces for various reasons will only require adjustment on them every six to eight weeks.

More Options Available

Gone are the days where there was only one type of braces to choose from. These days, it is even possible to have metal braces inserted into the mouth that cannot be seen by anyone else. In the beginning, these lingual braces were not too popular with orthodontist because of the fact that additional expertise was required in order to insert and maintain them. Over the years though, this option became increasingly popular because it was still able to do the job of aligning the teeth correctly while remaining almost invisible to other people.

Braces that are Virtually Invisible

One of the most advanced forms of braces to hit the dental market over the past decade or so is that of Invisalign technology. These are completely different to any other form of braces in that they are not manufactured from metal. Instead, they have been specially formulated and molded from a clear plastic material. This means that, unlike any other braces from years gone by, they are completely invisible, so there is no longer any need to feel self-conscious while they are being worn.

Benefits of Invisalign Braces

Although wearers of traditional braces have to exercise caution while eating, this no longer has to be the case with the Invisalign range. Because these are not physically attached to the teeth, they can be removed while eating, which enables the wearer to still enjoy his or her favorite meals. This makes them an ideal choice for people who would otherwise have felt too shy or embarrassed to have photos taken while wearing regular braces.

Although the newer braces can be removed for short periods of time, dentists and orthodontists recommend that the Invisalign range be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day. If this is not done, the patient may not be able to enjoy the full benefit of them. Regardless of the type of braces you decide to wear, it is imperative that you always follow the care and maintenance advice that is provided for them by your dentist.

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