Glendale Orthodontist Offers Affordable Braces

Our Glendale Orthodontist has helped hundreds of patients save money on braces. The question is, which type of braces are right for you?

When it comes to locating the orthodontist right for you, Dr. Pedram Sooferi and the staff at The Dental Circle, in Glendale, is the perfect fit. You can be rest assured knowing that The Dental Circle doctors are held to the highest expectations of orthodontics. It is becoming widely known that their up-to-date techniques ensure that all their Glendale patients receive the best service. Dr. Sooferi’s #1 goal is, and always will be, the patient’s complete satisfaction.

If you’re looking for the right professional in Glendale, first you should be informed about what an orthodontist is and what they do. Orthodontists, like Dr, Sooferi, are trained to diagnose, prevent, and correct misaligned teeth and jaws. On top of dental training, a dentist must complete a minimum of two years of study in an orthodontic residency program accredited by the American Dental Association. Only those who’ve completed this extra training may be called ” orthodontists.” You can feel comfortable knowing that the doctors at The Dental Circle are certified and trained for all orthodontist services.

Just like any other personal professional, it is important to find the right orthodontist that focuses on your family’s’ dental health. Finding the right orthodontist for you isn’t as easy as jumping online and searching for a Glendale location that accepts whatever dental plan, if any, you are carrying. You want to find an office that’s not only full of the professionals you expect to work with you and your family, but the office should be clean and well organized. The staff should be knowledgeable, friendly, eager to help and answer any questions you may have. Having access to as much information about your upcoming dental health needs is as important to finding the right orthodontist. The professionals at The Dental Circle will provide you that.

Now that you no longer have to search for the right orthodontist, all you have to do is make the call. Contact Dr. Pedram Sooferi and his Glendale staff, at The Dental Circle, to schedule your initial consultation.

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