Glendale Orthodontist Provides Top Orthodontics Information


The Dental Circle team knows that a winning smile makes you both feel and look better. Don’t ever be embarrassed by crooked teeth or a bad bite again. The Glendale dentists of the Dental Circle are orthodontists.

What are orthodontics?

The Greek root of the word “orthodontics” explains it all: orthos means “straight or perfect” and odous means “tooth.” Orthodontics is the dental specialization of helping your smile achieve the ultimate level of perfection. Orthodontists treat both crooked and misaligned teeth as well as malocclusion, the improper relationship between your teeth when your jaw closes, often described as a bad bite.

Why should you get treatment?

Numerous studies have shown that attractive people are likely to be happier, earn more money, and marry a good looking and better educated spouse. A key factor is an inviting smile, which not only builds self confidence but leads to better social acceptance.

There are real health issues to consider as well. Untreated, however, malocclusions can go on to cause minor to severe dental problems. Difficulty chewing food, the tendency to bite the cheek or roof of the mouth, trouble saying certain words, facial or jaw muscle pain, and regular headaches are all potential symptoms of an untreated malocclusion.

Keep in mind that improper bites can be detected and treated at an early age. The orthodontists of the Dental Circle provide the most appropriate treatment at the most appropriate time whether the patient is a child, teen or adult. Often the best orthodontic treatment involves using braces to shape your teeth into your desired smile.

How orthodontic treatment options work

You’ll get premiere orthodontic care from the Glendale dentists of the Dental Circle. Our orthodontic team offers both traditional metal braces and Invisalign clear braces. The process is simple:

1.An evaluation of the problem:
2.The creation of a personalized treatment plan
3.The prescription and design of orthodontic appliances for each individual problem

Next the braces provide gentle and controlled pressure to guide your teeth into the desired position.
Because periodontal damage (gum disease) can often be a result of malocclusions, the Dental Circle also employs a team of periodontal specialists who can aid in the repair of your gums before, during, and after your orthodontic treatment.

Remember: not all dentists are orthodontists. Orthodontics is a dental specialty, which means the Dental Circle orthodontists have received years of extra training past their becoming doctors of dentistry. These friendly, professional, and specially trained dentists are the best orthodontic team to treat your orthodontic needs in and around Glendale.