The Risk LA County Residents Pose When Visiting A Tijuana Dentist

We know patients from Glendale, Burbank, La Canada, Eagle rock, North Hollywood, and Pasadena that have visited a Tijuana dentist in hopes of saving money. The vast majority of these patients are under the impression that they can get their dental work done in Tijuana at a much lower cost than around Los Angeles area.

The first question that arises is the following: why would anyone that lives in Los Angeles decide to turn down the dentistry in one of the most advanced locations worldwide in terms of technology and patient care, and go to Tijuana for their dental work?

The only answer that I have received so far is that TJ is so much cheaper.

Is using a Tijuana dentist really cheaper?

Based on my experience, it’s not.

Not even one patient has been happy so far! Either the dental bridge has fallen off a week later or they have all types of gum problems few months later. What ends up happening is we end up redoing all the work done in TJ, but at a higher rate than they originally were quoted, because now the dentist has to clean up the dental work done in Tijuana, and provide the proper treatment as well.

Important facts to consider before getting dental treatment from a dentist in Tijuana

Although dentistry seems to be cheaper on the surface in Tijuana, it ends up being much more expensive and harmful in the long run. These patients usually end up double or tripling for their dental work, not forgetting to mention that they drove about 200 miles back and forth for several visits and spend a lot of money on gas and mileage, as well as missing work time in LA.

If you are about to make the same mistake, think twice! The standard of dentistry in US and Tijuana are far apart. In the US every little technique or procedure that has been introduced to the field has gone under several studies and trials before it is released into the system, and The Dental Board monitors the dentists to perform dentistry under the highest standards.
Furthermore, if a dentist performs a procedure that is below the standard of care, he will be held liable to clean up the work or will have to deal with the consequences.

Which one of these benefits applies to patients that receive dental treatment from a Tijuana dentist?

The sad truth is almost none.

Is there an affordable alternative to using a Tijuana Dentist?

The answer is yes.

If you are one of those people that are considering going to Tijuana for your dental care and happen to live near the zip codes 91203, 91204, 91210, 91205, 91202, 91207,91201, or 91206 you might want to visit our office first.

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