The Risks of Missing Regular Teeth Cleaning

Our teeth are something that we seldom give much thought to – that is until we are in so much pain from toothache that we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Many people are under the impression that having a teeth cleaning procedure performed by their dentist is not entirely necessary. However, there are numerous risks associated with neglecting to have this seemingly innocuous activity performed during your dental appointments.

Build-Up of Hard Plaque

Most people are aware of the fact that if plaque is not properly removed from the teeth, it can develop into tartar. This is an extremely hard and sometimes sticky substance which adheres itself to the surface of the teeth. If this is not removed properly, it will result in weakened spots appearing on your tooth enamel. The weakened spots then become an ideal breeding ground for cavities and also result in the teeth becoming extremely sensitive where the enamel has weakened.

Unexplained Bad Breath

Although many people think that bad breath is only a result of not brushing their teeth regularly or eating strong-smelling foods such as fish, garlic and onions, this may not always be the case. Regular brushing and flossing is not always enough to remove all unwanted food particles and plaque that can accumulate in the spaces between individual teeth as well as in the space between the teeth and gums. Booking a professional teeth cleaning session with your dentist will not only prevent the onset of halitosis; it will also provide you with the pearly white smile that you have always dreamed of having.

Potential Tooth Decay or Loss

When your dentist performs a teeth cleaning session in your mouth, this also provides him or her with the ideal opportunity to closely and carefully inspect each tooth as well as your gums for any signs of tooth decay, damage or gum disease that may be present. In most cases, each of these conditions can be treated and prevented from becoming worse if they are diagnosed early enough. However, if diagnosed too late, what was initially a minor tooth cavity or abscess can turn into an expensive and painful root canal procedure that will also require an antibiotic treatment.

How Often Should Professional Teeth Cleaning be Done?

While most dentists recommend that this be performed at least twice a year, having teeth cleaning done this often may not always be necessary. If you brush, rinse and floss regularly, you may only require professional cleaning once a year. However, if you are prone to developing cavities and other tooth-related conditions, you may need to have it done as often as three to four times a year. If you are unsure about how often you need to have it done, it may be best to consult with your dentist or an oral hygienist.

In most cases, a dentist will include a teeth cleaning session with your annual or semi-annual check-up. However, if this is not the case with your dentist, you may have to schedule a cleaning appointment separately.

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